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Free the SVG is the proven skill-building program that guarantees to transform you into a confident SVG designer and unlock the creative freedom that 99% of other cutting machine owners lack.

Does this sound familiar?

Can anyone help me find this design?... Can someone convert this image to an SVG for me...?

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could convert images and designs for yourself?!

Crafters who own cutting machines, such as a Cricut or Silhouette, often believe they have to rely on other creationists and memberships to provide design files for their crafting needs. 

But what if you didn't have to rely on others?! What if you could learn the freedom of designing for yourself? You have your OWN ideas and visions that you want to bring to life - take control!

Ever wonder...  

  • Can I draw my own SVG cut files? 
  • What program can I use to do this? Is it expensive? Hard to understand? 
  • Can I convert personal family or online images into layered SVG cut files?  

Are you tired of...  

  • Always spending money on SVG files for each of your projects?  
  • Wishing you could transform special family images into craft projects? 
  • Feeling like you can't find SVG files that match your precise vision? Stuck with only cookie-cutter SVGs?  

You have your own style and unique visions. Let's make them come to life!

When I got my cutting machine (a Cricut), I learned about needing the SVG format for my crafts. I ventured to ask how hard is it to make my own SVG cut files? Of course, I started researching and fell into the endless pit of YouTube videos (cue Beethoven's 5th dramatic music).

Sure, YouTube has its purpose but trying to learn a skill like SVG creation can be overwhelming when you have to weed through the videos yourself. And then there is the struggle to find the best videos to learn the basics before the hard stuff or finding support when you crash into a question or confusion roadblock. 

Here's where I got stuck with YouTube:

  • Everyone has their own teaching style, and I couldn't follow half of them.
  • Some overcomplicate the process because they are used to working among pros who understand graphic terms. 
  • The basics for a beginner are near impossible to find.
  • Choosing your own videos leaves you to roam free rather than follow a progressive start to finish roadmap. 

Over the years, I have collectively taught more than 15,000+ crafters just like you! Will you be the next one?!

Enroll Now and Design for Yourself!

If you ever feel you wish you could break outside the cookie-cutter SVG box, then FREE the SVG was created just for you! Customizing your creativity is the heart and soul of what crafting is all about - learn how to use the FREE Inkscape program to do just that!


Are you tired of searching every corner of the internet to find the SVG design files you need for your project? 

Hello time-suck! Been there, done that!


Do you struggle to find exactly what you envision and customize projects with images personal to you?


Are you frustrated with paying subscription fees for images and still not finding exactly what you wanted every time?


Trying to finish a project but give up because you couldn't create it exactly as you wanted?

It all changed when...

I was determined to make my own SVG files not just for my enjoyment but also because I wanted (actually needed) to make money at what I designed (I got started because I needed to make money for my family during a time when we had no income).
Once I learned to work from the beginner steps, learned the Inkscape tools, and work my way up to project designs and image conversions, I was unstoppable. In fact, I haven't paid for an SVG file in years!
The result?
Collectively my SVG designs have been downloaded over 1 MILLION times and I have built an entire business around sharing and selling SVGs!
I'll be honest; I took the long way around. I made lots of mistakes and became very frustrated during the process. The great news is YOU DON'T HAVE TO! I've built this course for someone just like I was way back when, to cut through the red tape and the endless YouTube searches, so you can jump right into creating SVG files!

Don't make these mistakes - there is a solution!

#1. You're missing out on personalization  

You don't know how to customize a project with images that are special to you - family photos, favorite characters, etc.

#2. You're wasting time and money 

You're stuck paying for every single SVG file or paying monthly subscriptions.

#3. You lose out on time you should be crafting

Finding your SVG files by other designers (especially free ones) is a time suck and you wish you could just create them for yourself.

Imagine a world where...

...your crafts are infused with custom details and personality because you have the skills to design for yourself!

Font & Text Designs

Learn how to use fonts and text designs for beautiful typography SVGs in Inkscape!

Tracing Images

Learn the best method to convert photos and clipart step-by-step for easy SVG files in minutes!

3D & Layered Craft Designs

Put it all together with 10 Design-Along-With-Me exercises, including 3D templates and layered craft files!


Free the SVG

Transform Your Images & Visions into SVG Cut Files and Watch Your Craft Projects Flourish!

Here's what's included...

Unit #1



  • Download Inkscape
  • What is a Vector
  • Inkscape Terms and Selections
  • Document Properties
  • Saving Projects
  • Working with Shapes and Nodes
  • Installing and organizing fonts
  • Learning to use Text

Unit #2



  • Choosing the right image
  • Removing backgrounds
  • Tracing an image method 1
  • Tracing an image method 2
  • Tracing an image method 3
  • Tracing clipart
  • Best clipart resources
  • Printable Cheat Sheets for all the above

Unit #3



  • Split Monogram
  • Knockout Text Design
  • Wrapping Text
  • Floral Card
  • Creating Patterns
  • Making Stickers/Planner Stickers
  • Rosette Flower Template
  • 3D Mandala Designs
  • 3D Paper Box Design
  • Adding Pattern Fills to Shapes and Text (great for engraving and drawing!)

Cherry-On-Top Bonuses!

Bonus #1 My Best Clipart Resources for Quick Conversions (Valued at $100)

My special curated list of clipart sites that are full of free resources! Clipart is a wonderfully helpful guide to use when you feel stuck on a design!

Bonus #2 Best Crafting Fonts & Pairing Guide (Valued at $100)

Fonts are the magic glue that holds most designs together. Fonts have the power to invoke the overall feeling of a design; choosing the right pair or trio is sometimes overwhelming, which is why I made a Font Guide that will help you get it right every time!

Bonus #3 Craft Seller's Starter Lessons & Workbook (Valued at $500)

Get started making a profit from your crafts or SVG designs with my Craft Seller's Starter Guide workbook and 8+ insightful lessons brimming with years of my experience running a 6-figure business.

Finally, create your own SVG images easily and stop buying every design!



 Frequently Asked Questions

Which cutting machines will this course work with?

Free the SVG is compatible with Cricut Explore, Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Explore Air 2, and the Cricut Maker machines, Silhouette Designer Edition, Scan and Cut or ANY cutting machine that takes SVG cut files.  

I can't draw. Will I really be able to design?

Drawing on a computer is MUCH different than on paper, so don't worry if you can't draw even stick figures like this girl right here - SVG creating is absolutely possible for you! I am completely confident I can teach you to design SVG files. Why? Because I carefully designed this program to help you start with the basics of how and then practice the process of doing through design-with-me exercises.

Do you teach how to use cutting software like Cricut in this course?  

NO. This course is designed for those who already have a basic understanding of their cutting machine but wish to know how to design their own SVG files. If you want to get inside my master course for Cricut AND learning SVG creation please click here. 

Is this just for craft business owners or hobbyists too?

BOTH! Whether you are a crafter for fun or business you will be given a world of knowledge at your fingertips to unleash your creative potential like never before! Those who wish to profit from their creations will love the Craft Seller's Starter Guide bonus!

What computer do I need? Can I use my iPhone or iPad for this course?

This course requires a basic laptop or desktop computer. The course will NOT work with iPads, iPhones, or Chromebooks. Please do NOT purchase this course if you do not own or plan to own a PC or Mac laptop OR desktop computer.

How long do I have access to the course?

FOREVER! You will always have access to your course materials. And if there are ever any major updates, I will also update the course, so you can learn the new adjustments!

Will I have to buy expensive graphic software to design my own SVG cut files?

Nope! The software I use to teach you how to design your own SVG cut files is completely FREE! I provide access to the program inside the course. This software is known as Inkscape. 

What is the refund policy?

We have a 30-day refund policy. If you honestly learned nothing new inside this course and can show me your work within 30 days, I will refund your money in full. We simply ask you to email us 5 projects you've completed from the course as proof of your efforts.

I'm enrolled in Cutting Edge Crafters, do I need this course too?

Nope! If you are enrolled in Cutting Edge Crafters you have access to all the Free the SVG material in Unit 4! Free the SVG was created for those who wish to focus solely on designing SVG cut files.


"I’ve purchased two of Abbi’s classes & absolutely LOVE them; I have learned so much!"


"Abbi’s course is FANTASTIC! I AM LEARNING SO MUCH, AND I LOVE IT! Her videos, visuals, and directions are all put together so well!  And her voice is pleasant to listen to! You provide so many important details that no one could get anywhere else. It is so impressive what you have done with each unit."

- Claudia

"Add an awesome testimonial here so that people know exactly how awesome you and your product are and they can not wait to click that buy button!!"


Hi! I'm Abbi!

Hey there! I'm Abbi - they call me the Craft and Cricut Fairy! In the last 9 years, I have designed more than 500+ SVG cut files and sold my designs to over 100,000+ happy customers all over the world! I’m addicted to collecting and creating SVG craft files! If you own a cutting machine, like Cricut or Silhouette, I bet you love collecting them for yourself too.  

I don’t want you to throw away money on SVG files that don't completely fit your unique creative style or feel like your hands are tied with cookie-cutter designs. And I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed and frustrated in the learning process.  

That why I made this program, FREE the SVG.  

Instead, I want you to thank yourself for the decision you made today. Because in as little as 30 days from now, you could be doing things you didn’t think are possible at this moment in time!  




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