Master your Cricut, discover new hobbies and skills, and learn to design SVG files for yourself!

Cutting Edge Craftersβ„’ will teach you how to master your Cricut, confidently use Design Space & turn you into your own SVG designer! 

Ever wonder...

  • What can I do with my Cricut? Print and cut, weld, attach, draw, score, upload my own .svgs? What does that even mean? How do I do this step by step?
  • How can I create my own designs to customize projects and build signature crafts?
  • What kind of projects can I create with a Cricut but have never tried?

Are you tired of...

  • Feeling lost inside of Design Space? 
  • Being overwhelmed by too much info?
  • Wasting expensive materials by trial and error? 
  • Wish you could draw your own designs and didn't have to always spend money on a new SVG file for each of your projects? 
  • Wondering what your craft potential could be if you took the time to understand it all?
  • Feeling scared to start a project because you feel like your always stumbling through it and your frustration falls prey to giving up?

Stop feeling lost, overwhelmed and frustrated. Here is what you will learn inside this course: 

🌟 A full comprehensive understanding of operating a Cricut machine and learning all the functions inside of Design Space!  

🌟 A MASSIVE resource guide of the best tools, accessories and materials out there and how to use them, so you don't have to waste time on Google anymore!  

🌟 14 unique step by step craft exercises to practice and develop a variety of skills including paper crafts, vinyl projects, wood projects, fabric crafts, drawing/writing with pens and more! You won't be afraid to try ANYTHING after this!  

🌟 Learn how to design your own SVG cut files WITHOUT expensive, hard to understand software! I teach you EXACTLY how I create all my project files with FREE software! 

🌟 This 5 unit course, Cutting Edge Crafters, will build your skills step by step to eliminate confusion, expand your craft horizons, help you finally personalize your crafts and even give you the confidence to start selling your handmade ideas to the world!

What kind of practice projects are included?

🌟 Master Cricut skills and discover a new passion when you dive into the craft exercise unit. 

🌟 Each craft is designed to familiarize you with your machine in a new way. 

🌟 Project files and tutorials are included that walk you through every aspect of using a Cricut and creating something one-of-a-kind for yourself and for those you love! 

🌟 Each craft helps you to reach expert level inside of Design Space in no time!

🌟 From mastering vinyl to paper crafting, fabric, felt, drawing, cards, stencils, leather and even wood, becoming proficient in the crafty world of Cricut can reveal mountains of creativity!

Believe in Your Creativity


No more wondering what this tool or that function does. You will learn your Cricut machine inside and out. 

Every function of Design Space and its purpose is explained & demostrated for clarity - so you know how to craft like a pro!


Learn how to create stunning crafts that will launch your creativity through the roof. 

You will be walked through 14 Cricut craft projects with project files included to sharpen your skills and discover all the potential!


Ever wanted to design your very own crafts and SVG cut files? Now you can

No expensive software needed, just a computer. Master the essentials of drawing your own SVG files, without the confusion, so you can create anything you can imagine!


Perhaps you are someone who is ready to turn your crafts from a hobby into a profitable passion.

In the bonus unit, you will learn how to get started selling your own crafts and/or original digital designs as well as the possible places to sell. 


What are the students saying?

Jackie says...

"Learning new craft skills was so fun. I have expanded my projects like never before. I even have friends and family asking me to make things all the time and I love it! I think I may even start a small business soon!"  

Liz says...

"To be completely honest, I was convinced I was not going to be able to design my own SVG files. To my surprise it was way easier then I thought and now I have the skills to create anything I can imagine!"  

Nathalie says...

"I love her style of teaching. So many tutorials out there tell you about an important function but don’t SHOW you how to use it with real hands on projects."

Linda says...

"Since taking this course I have been able to create things I never thought possible. As a result, I just started my side craft business and made over $2,000 in my third month of being open!"  



See waiting for you inside!

Unit 1: Welcome to the Magical World of Cricut 1.1 Cricut machine set up 1.2 Cricut machine tour 1.3 Cricut machine accessories and tools 1.4 How to clean your tools and mats 1.5 Craft material resource list 1.7 Setting up bluetooth connection to your Cricut machine 

Unit 2: Dominate Design Space 2.1 Download and set up Design Space 2.2 Design Space terminology 2.3 Machine set up and first cut 2.4 Overview of Design Space 2.5 Guide to using practice files 2.6 Accessing Cricut images and uploading an SVG 2.7 Slice, Weld, Contour and Attach functions 2.8 Fonts and pens 2.9 Align and Distribute 2.10 Cut screen and material settings 

Unit 3: Craftercise Projects 3.1 Guide to this unit 3.2 Blanks for projects 3.3 Paper craft projects 3.4 Writing craft projects 3.5 Vinyl craft projects 3.6 Fabric craft projects 3.7 Wood craft projects  

Unit 4: Design for Yourself 4.1 Intro to vectors 4.2 Downloading your free software 4.3 Intro to the interface 4.4 Working with shapes and text 4.5 Tracing images 4.6 Design exercise - Split monogram 4.7 Design exercise - Flower templates 4.8 Design exercise - Cards 4.9 Design exercise - Text SVGs 4.10 Design exercise - Layered SVG images 4.11 Design exercise - Clipping images & patterns 4.12 Design exercise - Drawing 3D crafts 4.13 Saving/exporting your files  

Unit 5: BONUSES! 5.1 Support groups 5.2 The Art of Giant Paper Flowers Ebook and free SVG files 5.3 Best clipart sites 5.4 100+ crafts you can make and sell 5.5 Get started selling your crafts 5.6 Branding 5.7 Marketing 5.8 Photography 101 5.9 Pricing and descriptions 5.10 Where to sell

How do I know this is right for me?

Of course there are never any guarantees, but let me tell you why I believe this could be right for you!

I am Abbi, the founder of and 

In the last 3 years I have created over 400 designs and sold more than 70,000+ digital templates to people all over the world. 

I've owned 4 generations of the Cricut machines from the Expression to the Maker. 

I spent a great deal of time getting lost along the way and frustrated trying to figure it out on my own. 

I desperately wanted to create my own designs but did not have a graphic design degree. 

As it turns out, it doesn't take rocket science to create something personalized and special, whether you are a hobbyist or craft business - it just takes following a system, a little practice and creativity mixed with patience. 

That is why I created the course, Cutting Edge Crafters to help someone who used to be just like me - someone like you!

About Abbi

Abbi has been in the world of inspiring crafts for over 8+ years, and with that experience came the passion to help other crafters, hobbyists and handmade artists go from good to great. 

With that in mind, Abbi has designed a course for those who long to unleash their crafty side, who search for a creative outlet and those who want to pride themselves in the joy of their handmade skills. 

Outside Abbi's crafty biz world she spends time with her husband and two young children and the family pet dog, Shorty. 


Q: Can I use my iPhone or iPad for this course?

A: No, unfortunately this course requires a basic laptop or desktop computer. Please do NOT purchase this course if you do not own or plan to own a computer. 

Q: Which Cricut machine will this course work with?  

A: This course is compatible with Cricut Explore, Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Explore Air 2 and the Cricut Maker machines. 

Q: Will I have to buy expensive graphic software to design my own SVG cut files?  

A: Nope! The software I use to teach you how to design your own SVG cut files is completely FREE!

Q: How long do I have access to the course? A: FOREVER! You will always have access to your course materials. And if there is ever any major updates with Cricut Design Space I will also update the course, so you can learn the new adjustments!

Q: Do they need internet connection?  

A: Yes, internet connection will be required to access the free Design Space software online. 

Q: I am somewhat familiar with my Cricut. Will this course still have value to me?

A: Yes! Unless you consider yourself a Cricut expert, there is definitely something for everyone!  

Q: Is this just for craft business owners or hobbyists too?  

A: BOTH! Whether you are a crafter for fun or business you will be given a world of knowledge at your fingertips to unleash your creative potential like never before!

Q: What is the refund policy?  

A: We have a 21 day refund policy. The only requirements to receive a full refund are: 1. You have to complete the first 2 Units in the first 21 days. 2. You can honestly say you see no value in the course. That's it! 

Still have another question? Contact 

Please allow 24 hours for a response before sending another message. Thank you. 

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