Not Loving Your Cricut Yet?

Does Design Space Tech Have You Confused? Overwhelmed?

Let's Change That!

Confidently Conquer Cricut Design Space Once and For All!

Introducing Cricut Confidence!

Easy to Understand Step-by-Step Lessons for Cricut Design Space Software.

No more wondering what Combine, Attach, Flatten, Contour, this tool, or that tool means. Finally, kick your confusion to the curb forever!


A Step by Step Guide to Confidently Mastering ALL Design Space Functions on Desktop, iOS and Android Devices!


Cricut Confidence is Perfect for YOU if...

  • You are a beginner to Cricut machines. Explore 2, Explore 3, Maker, Maker 3, and Joy machine.
  • You DON'T feel confident inside of Design Space and are often confused during projects. 
  • You have been trying to learn Design Space on your own through YouTube but can't seem to piece it together. 
  • You feel lost inside Design Space.
  • You are confused by functions like Print Then Cut, Combine, Attach, etc.
  • You need help remembering functions during your project process.
  • You are a hobbyist who wants to take your crafts to the next level.
  • You own a computer, phone, or tablet.

Cricut Confidence Ebook + SVG Bundle Includes...

This 200-page guide will teach you how to master all Cricut Design Space functions with easy-to-understand bite-sized lessons.

Whether you own a Cricut Explore, Maker, or Joy model, this ebook will have you crafting up a storm in Design Space in as little as a week!

Desktop, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, or Android Phone devices are all covered inside this ebook, so no question is left unanswered.

Additionally, ten fun and free image files are included for practicing all the lessons - and once you get confident, you will have these templates for your craft projects!

Bonus printables include learning your Cricut machine anatomy for Explore 2, Explore 3, Maker, Maker 3, and Joy machine. Design Space visual map key, glossary terms, Easypress anatomy guide, and much more!

I need Cricut Confidence in my life!

3 Sections Covering All Tech Options - Whether you own a Computer, iOS, or Android Device Cricut Confidence will Teach You Each Step of the Way!

Here are the Exact Contents Waiting Inside For You

  • Downloading Design Space
  • Creating a Cricut    ID
  • Connecting Your Cricut to Bluetooth
  • Learn the Canvas Layout
  • How to Save a Project & Select Your Machine
  • Settings & Linking Cartridges
  • Design Panel Defined
  • Templates, Projects, and Images
  • Text & Shapes
  • Uploading Your Own SVG Cut Files
  • Editable Images
  • Moving and Rotating Images
  • Sending Images to Cut Screen
  • Print Then Cut Verses SVG
  • Uploading Your Own Print Then Cut Images
  • Typing and Editing Text on the Canvas
  • Text Fonts, Style, and Spacing
  • Aligning and Curving Text
  • Edit Bar - Line-Type & Undo Button
  • Edit Bar - Line-Types  Defined
  • Edit Bar - Pen Type and Writing Fonts
  • Adding Shapes & Changing Fill Color
  • Uploading a Pattern & Clipping Into a Shape
  • Edit Bar - Select, Copy, Paste & Align
  • Edit Bar - Align &  Distribute
  • Edit Bar - Arrange
  • Offset for Text
  • Offset for Images
  • Edit Bar - How  to  Flip, Rotate, Size, Scale, & Position an Image      
  • Layer’s Panel - Group, Ungroup, Duplicate, Delete & Hide
  • Layer’s Panel - Color Sync
  • Layer's Panel - Slice Tool
  • Layer’s Panel - Combine Tools: Weld, Unite, Subtract, Intersect, & Exclude
  • Uniting text
  • Layer’s Panel - Attach Tool for Scoring
  • Layer’s Panel - Attach Tool for Drawing & Writing
  • Layer’s Panel - Attach Tool for Holding Cut Placement
  • Layer’s Panel - Flatten Tool
  • Layer’s Panel - Contour Tool
  • Make It Screen & Material Settings
  • Material Settings, Tools, and Pressure
  • Loading Mat
  • Cut Screen - Moving Objects to Another Mat
  • Cut Screen – Advanced material Settings
  • Working Offline In Design Space
  • More to Learn – Cricut Resources and Projects
Yes! Teach me how to use Design Space!

Use the glossary terms and map key cheat sheet to quickly learn where the most important functions in Design Space are located!

Learn the anatomy of your Cricut machine. Bonus printables include machine anatomy for the Explore 2, Explore 3, Maker, Maker 3, and Joy machine!

Learn the anatomy of using an Easypress with these cheat sheets. Printables for Easypress 1, Easypress 2, and Easypress Mini all included.

Keep your playtime with vinyl fun! These sanity-saving vinyl hacks will keep you organized and efficient.

Craft, make a mess, clean, and repeat. Print and use my Craft Room Organization binder to keep your creativity and maker space organized!

Have you ever wondered how to layer iron-on vinyl? I will show you how to layer iron-on vinyl also known as heat transfer vinyl in this bonus tutorial included with your ebook!

Anytime Design Space is Updated so is Cricut Confidence!

Design Space is always expanding, and that means this ebook will grow with it! Anytime a significant Design Space update is released, the ebook will be updated and a new copy sent to your email for FREE!

Yes! You Can Be a Confident Cricut Crafter Just Like These Happy Crafters!

This 200 page easy-to-read manual leaves no question unanswered

Easy Lessons with Practice Files Included!

Yes! Gimme That Cricut Confidence!

Cricut Confidence is YOURS for Only $18!

Hey there! I'm Abbi - they call me the Cricut Fairy!

If you feel anything less than excited when you sit down to craft with your Cricut then you probably have not taken the time to master the core concepts that make it worth owning.

Whether Design Space seems totally daunting to you or you are just tired of Googling answers mid-project I know with the right help you will be zipping through your Cricut projects like a pro in no time.

That's why after 10 years of crafting with my Cricut machines, and teaching more than 100,000 crafters how to use theirs, I complied this go-to resource to help crafters just like you!

I don’t want you to throw away the money you spent on your Cricut or waste expensive materials through trial and error. And I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.  

Instead, I want you to thank yourself for the decision you made today. Because in as little as 7 days from now you could be doing things you didn’t think are possible at this moment in time!

This offer is not available anywhere else!

Download Your 200+ Page Cricut Guide Now

You get everything...

  • Learn everything in Design Space for desktop
  • Learn everything in Design Space for iOS devices
  • Learn everything in Design Space for android devices
  • Design Space Map Key
  • 45+ Design Space glossary terms
  • Cricut machine anatomy for the Explore 2, Explore 3, Maker, Maker 3, and Joy machine.
  • Easypress anatomy
  • Beginner's guide to layering iron-on vinyl
  • 10+ practice SVG cut files to use and enjoy
Hand Over My Cricut Confidence Ebook!

Q: Which Cricut machines will work with this ebook?

A: Whether you own the Explore 2, Explore 3, Maker, Maker 3, and Joy machine, this ebook will help you because all these machines use Cricut Design Space!

Q: What devices/computers can I use? PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android?

A: Cricut Confidence covers Design Space across all devices, Windows PC, Mac computers, iPads, iPhone, and Android devices. There are three sections in this book, Design Space for Desktop (PC and Mac computers) Design Space for iOS (iPads and iPhones) and Design Space for Android (phones and tablets). The only exception to this is Chromebook which does not work with the Design Space app

Q: What if I'm a total newbie to Cricut and Design Space?

A: Then, you are in the right place! It's so important to start off learning the software (Design Space) BEFORE jumping into crafts. Newbies who read Cricut Confidence will be far more successful from the start with their machines!

Q: Can I print the ebook?

A: Yes! You can print the sections that you want or the whole thing. All you need is to send the ebook to your local printer, print at home, or print at your local library. Most of my crafters print theirs and put them into a binder with sheet protectors and store the guide next to their Cricut machine!

Q: How long is this ebook?

A: The ebook is over 200 pages. Desktop, iOS, and Android have about 45-55 dedicated pages each plus another 40 pages of bonus material!

Q: What if Design Space adds new changes?

A: Great question! Design Space is always expanding, and that means this ebook will grow with it! Anytime a significant Design Space update is released, the ebook will be updated within 30 days, and a new copy will be sent to your email for FREE!

Q: Do I need to purchase files to use this ebook?

A: The lessons use SVG files (included) to have you practice essential tools inside the software. You can also use these practice files to create crafts along the way! There are 10+ practice files included throughout the ebook, from monograms to cards, mandalas, rainbows, and more; you will love the exclusive designs waiting inside. Additional SVG files beyond this ebook will be left up to each person.

Q: Do I need to have Cricut Access to use this ebook? A: NOPE! You can easily use the practice files included and the free fonts Cricut offers to complete all exercises in this ebook.

Q: How will I receive the ebook?

The PDF file will be sent to your email that is provided at checkout. If you should need help accessing the ebook, please contact me at

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: I always want my customers to be happy with their purchases! Because the digital nature of the product refunds generally cannot be given. However, if you have a concern, contact me, and I will do everything I can to help. If you feel a resolution cannot be reached, then we can discuss a refund. 

This product is created by Abbi Kirsten and is base on the Abbi Kirsten Collections brand knowledge, projects, and opinions. This product is not endorsed by, owned by, directly affiliated with, authorized, or sponsored by Cricut, Inc. All Cricut and Design Space products and company names are the registered trademarks of their original owners. The use of these trademarked names is for description and reference only. In no way does the reference of the Cricut brand imply any association with the trademark holder or their product brand.

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