Deck the Hall with Paper Crafts!

This bundle is for you if... 

  • You want to craft and decorate for the holidays.
  • You love to craft and want to expand your craft horizons.
  • You want to create your own Christmas party decor.
  • You want to decorate your home or Christmas tree with something unique.
  • You want to add something special to your craft collection.
  • You own a cutting machine or a good pair of craft scissors.

Mix and Match these Christmas Templates for Endless Looks!


What is included in the Christmas Template Bundle?

  • 12 gorgeous Christmas themed template designs including small and giant paper flower designs plus 3D paper star templates
  • 15+ Christmas greenery and supporting templates
  • SVG cut files included for Cricut and Silhouette users
  • PDF printables included for cutting by hand with scissors
  • Full video or picture tutorials for each design
  • My exclusive full supply list with links so you know exactly what to use to make your flowers flawless!
  • Endless ways to deck your halls year after year!

Step by Step Tutorials Included


If you only have your favorite scissors and access to a printer or local printer you can cut these templates by hand using the PDF printables included! Or use your favorite compatible cutting machine like Cricut or Silhouette to craft these paper blooms with the SVG cut files included!

Take a peak at a few of the templates included!


Snowflake design

Holly style poinsettia

Snow peony

Classic poinsettia

Sybelle Rose

Noel poinsettia

Small classic poinsettia

Set of 3 Star Templates

Mistletoe poinsettia

Merry poinsettia

Crepe poinsettia

Holly and berry templates


Wait there is more! Your Bonus!

You will also receive my set of 9 signature paper ornament designs! Fill your Christmas tree with these Christmas ornaments. Stick with a traditional size or go giant! The perfect Christmas bundle bonus!

What others are saying...

Made for a beautiful addition to my daughter’s Frozen birthday party. Super easy tutorial!

- Lindsey

I adore the poinsettias! I decorated our tree with them!

- Kristine

Perfect winter decorations for our party! Snowflake is absolutely gorgeous!

- Lily

Great files and wonderful tutorial! I loved making the rose in a glitter gold!

- Amber

I included these paper flowers to help decorate my Christmas candy table. I think they are beautiful! Templates are so easy to use!

- Rashaunda

Awesome star ⭐️ for the top of our DIY Christmas tree! Very good tutorial too! Super happy with my purchase!

- Anne


Hi there! I'm Abbi!

When I am not in my studio crafting and filming a new video for Abbi Kirsten Collections, I am designing templates and printables while snuggling with my golden retriever and corgi pups.

After 10+ years of paper crafting and designing 200+ signature template designs, I can help you do just that! I've built my shop and blog at Abbi Kirsten Collections around craft lovers like yourself. With this bundle, you can go craft crazy with a holiday flare!


Q: What if I don’t have a cutting machine?

A: Don't sweat it buttercup! Printable PDFs are included for all the flowers in this bundle. You can either, print directly onto the paper and cut out or print once laminate, and trace your petals onto your cardstock. With this Christmas bundle, there are a few templates like the Snowflake that I do recommend a cutting machine for. 

Q: What other supplies will I need?

A: Basic supplies will include a glue gun & glue sticks, plus scissors and cardstock paper. A full recommended supply list is included. 

Q: What size will these flowers make? 

A: The small designs included in this bundle will measure 4 inches once made unless altered. The giant flower designs will measure between 17-21 inches!

Q: Can I make the flowers in different sizes? 

A: Yes! With almost all the flowers included you will be able to easily downsize by subtracting the use of the largest petal to create a smaller flower. If you want to go bigger then add extra layers of petals!

The small designs can be altered if you have a cutting machine. 

Q: How will I hang my papercrafts?  

A: There are full details on this included in the resources of the bundle. Some options are mounting tape, fashioning a wire hook (this is taught in the bundle), and pins for fabric hanging.  

If you wish to stem the smaller flowers I included that as well in the bundle info!


Q: What if I am not crafty? Can beginners make your flowers?

A: I gotcha covered! There are certain templates, such as the rose design that require more skill, but my basic designs are overall simple in nature to make. I have had hundreds of newbies successfully make my designs. Practice and patience are all you really need!

Q: What kind of paper do I use and where can I find it?

A: That's easy! 65-pound weight cardstock is best to use. You can find this at mainstream craft stores. If you are looking for bulk paper I include links to that in the supply list. 

Q: How exactly will I receive the digital items?

A: This bundle is strictly digital. Once you checkout a link to my Dropbox folder with all your templates, formats and info will be sent to your email. Please double check your email at checkout! If you have questions about a purchase you can always email me at

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Due to the digital nature of the product and given that the return can be not be proven I generally can't offer refunds. But if you have a question or concern you can also contact me via email, which is accessible in the file downloads and I will do my best to help you! 

Q: Can I sell your flowers?  

A: You may sell the fully made flowers under the conditions and purchase of the Seller's license, sold separately. Selling the templates themselves are never allowed. If you wish to know more about selling flowers or products using my templates, contact me at 

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